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Resonance Mind Body Wellness is a collective of licensed massage therapists. A wide range of backgrounds as well as educational experience sets this staff apart from franchised massage employees. Ranging from swedish massage and luxurious spa treatments for a relaxing oasis experience, to the deep tissue and therapeutic sports options.

Our therapists believe that there is an innate beauty to the human form when in proper health. We strive to meet each individual client with the intention of catering our talents to best serve the wellness goals you have set, or help you to assess future well being.

Being a part of our clients health team is an honor we do not take lightly. That’s why we hold our employees to the highest standards of our industry.

Providing quality care for our clients and their specific goals is our primary objective. That’s why our mission statement is:

“Creating a foundation of health, bridging mind and body through massage therapy techniques.”

Resonance Mind Body Wellness
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